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Social Media and Work

The Internet and other technological advances have bought more than speed and efficiency to the modern workplace. They have opened another floodgate of harassment lawsuits. Company policies on the usage of the company’s equipment, and repeated reminders that the...

Conducting Effective Investigations

Recent Court rulings revolutionized the importance of an effective investigation into claims of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, as well as other forms of unauthorized employee behavior.  Employers now have the option of terminating an employee who has...

Preventing Workplace Violence

The issue of violence in America is one that is well documented and horrifying. As an employer, you never want to reflect back on signs, that you noticed in an employee, that were indicators of violence that later erupted in your workplace. The Parallax Education...

Preventing Sexual Harassment

The Federal Supreme Court has made an “affirmative defense” available to companies who have policies on sexual harassment and who have taken proactive steps to make the methods for reporting harassment, known to their employees. The best way to make employees aware of...

Team Building

In this program, employees analyze what behaviors contribute to a successful team. They list the attributes that they have which contributes to the team’s success, then share those attributes with their team.     The participants also analyze what kinds of behavior...

Motivating Employees

In this comprehensive one-day workshop, supervisors learn how to inspire and motivate their employees to improved performance, without incurring resentment, litigation or damaging relationship.    When supervisors ignore behavior problems, hoping that the problem goes...

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