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The Digital HarasserThe Internet and other technological advances have bought more than speed and efficiency to the modern workplace. They have opened another floodgate of harassment lawsuits. Company policies on the usage of the company’s equipment, and repeated reminders that the employer can access all computer records, has done nothing to curb the rise of e-mail jokes, misdirected voicemail messages, and the increasing abuse of access to the Internet.

Parallax Education presents “The Digital Harasser” to supplement companies’ existing programs on the prevention of harassment in the workplace. The program focuses on three areas of potential harassment – e-mail, voicemail, and the Internet. Testing to prove that the employees understand the policy about usage of company equipment, as well as testing to prove the employees knows to whom they can report harassment is included.

This multi-media program including participant textbooks, DVD with video examples, job aids, and personal coaching plans. All materials are available in English and Spanish.

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